Dr. Beth Hedva, author of Journey from Betrayal to Trust and the award-winning Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness, is an internationally recognized authority in the field of 'change'. As a cousellor she helps individuals find enlightening ways to succeed in meeting life's greatest challenges. As a teacher she continues to introduce the world to new approaches for dealing with betrayals, traumas or disappointments. She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and a PhD in Psychology; was the Director of Clinical Internships and Field Placement at two universities in California and has trained and taught counselling professionals globally. 
     Honored as an International Women of the Year by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England at age 35, then listed in the World Who's Who of Women a year later, she was nominated to the first Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare. Dr. Hedva is also licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Counselor and is a Clinical Parapsychologist -- having worked as an ‘Expert Intuitive’ and liaison to the Office of Paranormal Investigation on research teams to explore ghosts, hauntings and poltergeists since its inception in 1989.  She is certified as a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology by the American Board of Psychological Specialties. 
     Dr. Hedva conducts seminars and workshops regionally, nationally and internationally, including Professional Continuing Education Credit workshops for the Annual Conferences of the International Council of Psychologists in Boston, Mass. (1999), Padua, Italy (2000), Winchester England (2001), Manila, Philippines (2002) and Toronto, Canada (2003), and Foz De Iguaca, Brazil (2005). She is currently Chair of the Continuing Education Committee for the 64th Annual International Council of Psychologists Convention (2006) to be held in Greece. 
     She is available for lectures and keynotes, training and counselling for institutions, groups and individuals in person and by telephone. 



Harold Finkleman

     Harold Finkleman is a published authority on communication and design psychology, an international media specialist and designer who approaches image and marketing with an eye on science.
     A member of the Board of Governors for the International Council of Integrative Medicine, Finkleman has lectured at institutions ranging from the University of Padua in Italy to Tarumanagara University in Jakarta, Indonesia and conducted Educational Seminars and Professional Continuing Education Workshops for conferences worldwide.
     His research into the impact of computer design has been presented as Professional Continuing Education Workshops for International Council of Psychologists annual conferences in Toronto, Canada and Winchester, England, as a seminar for the 2004 Society for Applied Learning Technologies conference in Orlando, FL, as a tutorial for the 2004 Washington Interactive Technologies Conference in Arlington, VA. and a half-day workshop in for for the 20th Annual Conference of the International Association for Science, Technology and Society (2005) in Baltimore, MD. 

     His text on the subject: Ending computer STRESS ... before it ENDS US.

     Today, while Finkleman continues to gather research, correlate data and lecture globally, he consults to individuals, businesses and governments in all areas of communication and design -- from advertising, artistic direction, architecture and packaging products to preparing legal litigations, developing marketing strategies and managing critical public relations challenges. Click for some of his work
     He is available to consult or to create, develop, produce and implement virtually any type of communication undertaking -- from designing goal-oriented interiors to strategic mass-market social campaigns -- as well as train, supervise or support individuals and companies in using emerging sciences to meet their communication, design, marketing or management challenges.


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