Some of Harold Finkleman's work

New Corporate Identity, Colors, Logo, Stationary and Corporate Brochure for 
Maurice Sunderland 
Architecture Inc

Challenge: Contemporary new image for one of the world's leading architectural designers.
See "Stationary" for before-and-after.

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New Corporate Identity, Images, Advertisements and Corporate Brochure for 
Oral Health Care 
Centres of Canada

Challenge: Packaging a dental business and its professionals as friendly and positive. Reinforce client trust and committment.

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Corporate Identity, Logo and Corporate Brochure for 

Challenge: Strategize a package and personality for several small environmental operations to collectively project an image of trustworthy professionalism.

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Three of four Product Brochures for 
Tri Energy 
Group of 

Challenge: Package a line of valves -- usually the most boring items at any trade show next to nuts and bolts -- in a way that they will stand out at an international industry exhibition.

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Finkleman Communications designed and delivered a Logo, Stationary, Advertisements, Computer Games, Music Video, Products, Web Pages, in-house Cyber-Worksite and more for MY DENTAL HOME.


Locator map for Olympics
35,000 print run anticipated
Actual maps sold = 130,000+

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     You can use design sciences to make your corporate materials, strategies, marketing tools, internet sites, computer software, or even environments more impacting, effective, friendlier and healthier. Harold Finkleman
     Harold Finkleman is an authority in design trivia, psychodynamics, and psychographics  and lectures internationally on communication and design psychology. He is a researcher, media strategist and freelance creative director with experience as an economics correspondent, television producer/director and designer. He consults to advertising agencies, architectural houses and designers; has lectured, conducted workshops and seminars at academic and scientific conferences as well as universities throughout North America, Europe and Asia.
    Finkleman will empower your organization with the sciences you need to master any medium; will act as a sounding board for your work; or he will provide the concepts and designs then produce the tools you need to achieve your organization's goals.  CLICK ON HAROLD'S PIC for PERSONAL PHOTOS

CONFIDENTIALITY: We appreciate our clients and welcome collaborative relationships.

We respect and appreciate the creative opportunities and trust which our clients and associates afford us. Therefore, Finkleman Communications Ltd. follows a strict policy of confidentiality with its clients and associates. All information provided to Finkleman Communications Ltd. remains in confidence unless requested or approved in writing by the client.

Any work contracted to our creative team by other agencies is not discussed or presented outside of the relationship; and all credits, images and representations remain with the agency of origin. They belong to the agency of origin and will not end up in the Finkleman portfolio or on this site.

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