Ending Computer STRESS
... the consequences are a price we shouldn’t pay!

Computers can diminish memory, limit concentration,
decrease patience & worse! We can reverse these problems!
Workshop Description:
     We will examine why computers have us processing data faster, but have us thinking and feeling less
. We will learn how computers interfere with the memory and productivity and can leave our families and businesses vulnerable to the consequences of chronic distractions, time-robbing addictions and even illnesses. We will take the first steps towards dealing with many of these issues, then prepare ourselves to take a stride towards making the computer GUI a tool for healing.
Objectives of the Program:  
     By sharing and absorbing some of the latest scientific and medical research, we will understand what we need to do to ensure the software and GUIs we design or work with will not diminishes the mental focus, performance and health of users. The objective is to empower individuals to help the educational, corporate and computer communities make programs and Internet sites more impacting, memorable and effective, as well as healthier for their staff and customers.

   This ongoing research was originally undertaken for a Professional Continuing Education Workshop presented by the author in Winchester, England, at a gathering of the International Council of Psychologists.

     A researcher and consultant in
Communication Psychology and Design Psychology, Harold Finkleman lectures at universities and conferences world-wide on emerging breakthroughs in the Science of Human Response. A Governor of the International Council of Integrative Medicine, he has provided seminars and workshops for annual conferences of the International Council of Psychologists in the UK, Italy, Greece, USA, and Canada; the Washington Interactive Technologies Conference in Arlington, VA; the Society for Applied Learning Technologies Conference in Orlando, FL; the Humanities and Technology Conference in Salt Lake City; among many others.
     “We may seem to be processing information faster than ever before, but computers are, in fact, interfering with the thinking, memory and productivity of even the healthy individuals and workers who use them. ...
     "Some computer programs and many video games diminish beta brainwave activity, resulting in poor concentration and impatience or even hostility ….  Memory retention of what is read on computers is often only a fraction of what it would be if we read it off a piece of paper  ....  Computer use raises stress levels in ways that hurt both mental and physical  health .... .
     "Inorganic operational
strategies and GUI layouts work against the natural ways the human brain operates -- requiring too much of the brain’s electricity to be occupied with unnecessary and unnatural neuro-optical sub-processes, leaving us with less energy and space to think with. 
     "These are issues we are finally prepared to understand well enough that we can begin dealing with them.”

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