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Jasbir Singh can introduce
OneTV to serious parties
... so let us introduce him to you:

JASBIR SINGH,  COO and Director
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

           Originally a banker and registered investment broker, Jasbir Singh spent over 10 years as a teacher and administrator to be close to his growing children. He continues to study social interactivity and information gathering and is especially sensitive to online privacy issues.
He was first sought out by OneTV for his business acumen. Experienced with complex business protocols, Mr. Singh had been regional manager of International Investments and Mortgages (IIM) Inc. and the regional coordinator for Genesis Land Development Corporation (“Genesis”), a publicly traded land development company listed on The Toronto Stock Exchange. His primary duties at Genesis involved establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with investors and financial brokers. He was a managing director, secretary treasurer and founding member of Gentec Technologies Ltd., a mobile audio distribution technology manufacturing company. He managed all facets of the business operations including research and development, technology production, marketing, sales, administration and accounting.

           At the request of OneTV, Mr Singh recruited top level support, then helped focus and refine the business strategy.

           In Jasbir's efforts to build on the sophisticated OneTV software strategies and design, he was able to earn the respect, attention, feedback and input from major leaders in the computer field.  During that time he recruited leading software innovator Vijay Vashee, then General Manager of Microsoft Corporation, to bring his mentorship and inspiration to OneTV by joining the Board of Directors for more than five years while refinement was most critical.

            First Chairman of the Board was the late technology genius Dr. Nirmal Dial, one of the world's leading communication hardware designers and technology project managers. Nirmal designed and project-managed construction of the world's first operating consumer satellite system, the first 2-foot dish satellite system, then he designed and developed the extended life 50,000 line fibre-optic switch for Bell Labs -- the first successful system to replace the 900 line switch standard. Recruited by Jasbir, Nirmal promoted global reach and sharing of
OneTV's unique science and design strategies, until his untimely passing. 



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 Individuals needing to know more about OneTV
 can find Jasbir at +1-604-825-1875.

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