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Origins of the OneTV Portal and Browser

      OneTV emerged from scientific papers presented in Professional Continuing Education Workshops at two International Council of Psychologists annual conferences. The workshops identified possible solutions to medical, neurological and psychological problems attributable to computer use -- from depression and internet addiction to stress-related illnesses -- and exposed opportunities for radical new communication strategies.

- Most Internet and software interactivity requires unnatural neuro-optical sub-prosesses and distractions that can impede thinking and interfere with mental and physical performance.
- Memory retention of what is read on computers is 1/4 that of standard black and white book layouts.
Screen layouts can lower the brain's beta wave activity, resulting in impatience, poor concentration, even anger. This becomes even more chronic for video game users.

      Before business and commercial opportunties emerged, components for what became the OneTV portal demonstrated ways to  a) eliminate the causes of negative physical and mental issues;  b) simplify information access to lower repetitive distraction; and c) enhance the computer experience. Results led to designs for unique sites and strategies for traveling the web more easily.

      Ongoing research uncovered entertaining opportunities for fun and easy global interactivity. Further, it exposed strategies for big and small businesses to extend profitably while respecting the privacy desired and deserved by the over three billion individuals using computers at home or at work.

 Easier    Faster    Get more of what is out there!

Safer and healthier place for the Family.
Allows unique customer access for Business.
Enhanced exposure and revenues for Broadcasters.

          Increase efficiency while reducing stress and eye strain. combines breakthroughs in communication psychology and neurology with design psychology, social economics strategies and technology to creatively enhance personal, social, community and global interactivity without invasion, without tracking.

Anticipate.  Evolution is inevitable.  We are taking important leaps early. 

          We are not just building on state-of-the-art (we've already cherry-picked).
We have been finding ways to restore the web's original sense of unlimited opportunity. 

The pages in this site are informational, not demonstrative.

Your guide to OneTV is Jasbir Singh at +1-604-825-1875

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