Transpersonal Psychology

What is Transpersonal?

 The word ‘transpersonal’ breaks down into two roots:  ‘trans’ meaning ‘beyond or through’ and ‘personal’ which is derived from the word ‘persona’ i.e. our identity, mask or personality.  The word transpersonal, thus, represents those elements of ourselves which are ‘beyond’ the identity to which we ordinarily associate ourselves.

Within the context of how this specific field of psychology defines itself, and in the words of Dr. Beth Hedva:

The term ‘transpersonal’ implies that these special elements which are ‘beyond’ our personality, beyond the standard identity of who and what we are, are available for us to use, to help us ‘through’ life. Waiting to be discovered in the core of who and what we are as human beings, is an expanded consciousness -- not outside of us -- but rather running ‘through’ each person.  In fact, it is frequently the process of going through very human experiences, including a crisis or challenge, that we awaken to unknown strengths, and come to experience greater resources within our being.

Transpersonal Counselling* and Spiritual Growth
      *Counselling is spelled with one 'L' in the USA and two in Canada. We use both spellings.

     Transpersonal therapies draw on a wide range of contemporary and ancient traditions to enable an individual to contact an expanded perspective on their personal life issues.  Spiritual practices from ancient and indigenous cultures, along with contemporary research in clinical psychology, parapsychology, anthropology and religious studies blend to offer clients a personalized approach to self-healing, growth, and integration of expanded states of awareness.

     The purpose of transpersonal counselling is to allow the client to engage in their own personal healing journey.  Typical ‘personal’ problems such as:
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship issues
  • recovery from addictions
  • childhood wounds
  • emotional, sexual or physical abuse
... become invitations to discover a way through the injury; inviting us to step beyond our limited or habitual response to our circumstances by drawing on the wisdom of all of who we are: body, mind and spirit.

     Sessions are customized to meet the needs and goals of the individual, couple, family, committee or work group. The unique needs of the client determine the path the individual takes to grow or evolve, as well as the direction for therapy. A wide range of therapeutic techniques may be employed to assist in this process ranging from: cognitive and behavioral approaches, strategic brief therapy; using interpersonal therapies such as family therapy, gestalt or existential therapies; or using symbolic process, including expressive arts therapies, as well as possibly using more intuitive tools such as astrology, tarot, dream work and other ancient and vibrational healing methods (stones, crystals, colors, aromas, guided visualization, meditation and the like).

Spiritual Counselling and Intuitive Consultation:
Clients may be interested in using intuitive services to gain perspective on their lives. An ‘intuitive reading’ may allow clients to organize and reflect upon their thoughts, questions, and concerns.  Together we open a dialogue that looks at their presenting issues from the perspective of life lessons and soul growth.  Life concerns are explored as opportunities and challenges in the development of character and personal liberation.  Beth Hedva is trained to support people's intuition, then go further by employing a variety of intuitive tools -- astrology, tarot and numerology, along with ‘straight psychic work’ or past-life regression work -- each offering specific reflections of the client's innate gifts, talents and resources, or tools they already have that might aid them in the successful mastery of a their current issues.
Readings are affirming, empowering and illuminating.

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