Fringe Workshops with Dr. Beth Hedva
Unique and important insights into the human experience
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Dr. Beth Hedva    .
Beth Hedva, PhD, RMFT, DABPS

Your Winter May Be In June
Working with Your Natural Cycles
[An Intuition Development Program]

Each person has a different natural rhythm that defines one's personal growth cycles over the course of a year: a time to dream, to plan, to produce, to play, even to worry. Discover how your birth date & time affect your cycles through the year.

Cheirology and Personality Typing

[An Intuition Development Program]

This up-beat, fun-filled program is a great 'mixer'. Blending the ancient practice of palmistry with current research in cheirology, participants learn that life is, indeed, in the palm of their hand--including character traits, strengths and talents as well as personal challenges, and opportunities for personal fulfillment.

Bringing Out the Best in Each Generation:
From Boomers to Gen-X and Beyond

Demographic research with an intuitive twist helps audiences compare and contrast three universal challenges that every generation faces, and engages participants to define how to bring out the best in each generation. A unique program to support individual or group cohesion in the midst of change--and promote positive techniques for dealing with that change. A full day extended workshop can be tailored to deal with specific issues facing a company, leadership, and staff.

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